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Fast and Affordable Drain Unblocking for Surrey and South London

If you notice that your sink, shower or toilet is draining slowly or overflowing, blocked drains are likely to blame. Another sign you’re suffering a blockage is the emergence of foul smells around the household, especially around plug holes.


But blocked drains needn’t be the massive hassle they often can be. While some drainage companies around Surrey and South London will keep you waiting for drain unblocking, ours won’t. We’ll be with you promptly to carry out fast, efficient and affordable drain unblocking.


Common Causes of Blocked Drains in Surrey and South London

Below we’ve listed four of the most common reasons homeowners and companies in Surrey and South London experience blocked drains. We deal with each issue on a daily basis, so will be able to quickly diagnose the problem and carry out drain unblocking.


Most blocked drains are down to build-ups of:


• Hair

• Leaves

• Oil & Grease

• Foreign Objects


Sometimes, however, we run across a seriously perplexing blockage. In these cases, some drainage companies around Surrey and South London might be perturbed by the time and effort it might take to complete drain unblocking – not ours! We’ll conduct CCTV drain surveys to figure out the cause of the blockage, then employ our know-how and tools of the trade to deal with it.


After drain unblocking, our team will be more than happy to issue you with advice on how to prevent blocked drains recurring in the future. There are few drainage companies in South London or Surrey willing to go the extra mile for their clients, but we’re always happy to. This is why we’re so well regarded in both areas amongst domestic and commercial clients.


Need blocked drains unblocking in the Surrey or South London areas? Call Town and Country Drainage today on 07850 859 396.