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Professional CCTV Surveys for the Surrey and South London Areas

CCTV surveys involve feeding a remote-controlled, high-tech camera down your drainage system. The camera feeds back to a screen that our drainage specialists monitor, looking for defects in your system. The footage is recorded, meaning we can show you the footage and run through our findings, if you require.


Often our CCTV surveys are used to diagnose the cause of blocked drains, but they’re a very versatile analytical tool and can be used for all sorts of purposes, like checking whether drain lining has been damaged.  We recommend CCTV surveys to South London and Surrey clients for the following purposes:


• Evaluating the structural integrity of drains and drain lining

• Identifying the cause and location of blockages

• Finding any signs of rodents or similar pests in your property

• Providing proof of good drainage condition to insurance firms

• Checking the condition of drains before a South London or Surrey property purchase


The Benefits of CCTV Surveys in Surrey and South London

CCTV surveys are faster, less disruptive, more accurate and more cost effective than traditional drain surveys. This is why we’re so keen to employ them to diagnose potential or ongoing problems with drains in Surrey and South London.


We provide them at an extremely competitive price, aiming to stay head and shoulders above competing drainage companies in both areas. So if you require CCTV surveys, be sure to call in Town and Country Drainage – whether it’s to check up on your drain lining or find the cause of a blockage.


Contact Town and Country Drainage on 07850 859 396. We’re the South London and Surrey areas’ experts in CCTV surveys and drain lining.