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Clearing Blocked Drains and Mending Drain Lining in South London

Drainage companies are used to getting calls from perplexed homeowners and companies in South London who can’t quite figure out what’s wrong with their drainage system. While it isn’t uncommon to suffer blocked drains, or for your drain lining to deteriorate over time, it’s important you call in our South London drain unblocking experts when things go awry.


Not many drainage companies in South London are willing to give out free drain maintenance advice, but Town and Country Drainage is a little different! If you require advice or a free, no-obligation quote, then feel free to call us on 07850 859 396.


Below we’ve briefly explained some of the most common reasons why you may need a drain unblocking. While drainage companies appreciate the work, no one likes blocked drains. We hope the following tips will help you keep your drain maintenance bills to a minimum.


Beware flushing nappies and sanitary towels

Flushing nappies and sanitary towels down your toilet can cause blocked drains. Drainage companies also regularly attend cases where miscellanea items such as air fresheners and kid’s toys have somehow found their way into a toilet and have been flushed. Sometimes it’s children playing around, other times it’s adults just not noticing! These items can cause major problems and you may need your drain unblocking if one of the aforementioned items makes its way down into your pipes.


Fat and oil can contribute to blockages

It’s not just South London kitchens and restaurants that have to be careful about fat and oil contributing toward blockages in their drainage systems, households do too. This is because fat and oil congeals around pipework, forming a layer which baby wipes and similar items can then stick to, causing blockages. Rather than chuck hot oil into your sink, we recommend that you wait for it to cool down then mop it up with paper and dispose of it in your bin.


Don’t plant trees and shrubs too close to drains

Planting trees and shrubs too close to drains can often mean roots enter drains at pipe joints looking for nutrients, eventually causing damage and blockages. If possible, plant new vegetation away from drains.


Be careful when erecting fences

It’s not uncommon for South London homeowners to hammer a fence post directly down into pipe work. Before you put down a fence, figure out where your drain runs. Otherwise you could seriously damage your drain lining, causing a leak or blockage.


Ultimately, while it’s down to every homeowner to ensure that their property’s drainage system is well maintained, accidents do happen. If you have blocked drains that need unblocking or damaged drain lining that needs repairing, our qualified and insured experts are here to help.


There are few drainage companies in South London as versatile as Town and Country Drainage, there really is no job too big or small for us!


In South London and need blocked drains unblocking or drain lining repaired? Give Town and Country Drainage a call on 07850 859 396.