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At Town and Country Drainage, we’re proud of our 9.8 rating on Checkatrade, where 77 past clients have taken time out of their day to rate and review our CCTV surveys and drain clearance services. If you need an emergency drainage company in Surrey, you’ll be hard pressed to find one as reputable as ours.


Many of our Surrey clients have asked us about what CCTV surveys are, as they are a relatively new innovation in the drainage industry. Drain surveys can help diagnose problems with systems, allowing our qualified and insured emergency drainage company to move on to drain clearance, so it’s worth knowing what they involve.


What are CCTV surveys and how do you conduct them?

We slowly feed a camera down your drainage system. Depending on the size of the system, we will use a short or long range camera. The camera is linked to a monitor, allowing us to find and identify any faults in your system. Depending on your situation, we may use CCTV surveys just as a quick means of diagnostics, allowing our emergency drainage firm to then push ahead with drain clearance. However, many clients in Surrey request a full report on the survey with an accompanying DVD that shows and explains what was found and what it means in layman’s terms.


When and why are drain surveys useful?

Drain surveys are important in a number of scenarios. The first is when you require drain clearance but the cause and location of the blockage is not immediately identifiable. The second scenario is when you require what are known as pre-purchase drain surveys. Let’s say you are buying a home in Surrey, you don’t want to invest in a property with a problematic drainage system with numerous faults.


This could end up costing you a lot of money down the line. A troubled and badly maintained system could also affect insurance claims and coverage.  Thirdly, drain surveys often show up illegal connections and structural issues, which our Surrey based emergency drainage company can then rectify before they become major problems.


So CCTV surveys not only allow us to stage any drain clearance you may need before moving into a home, but provide you with video evidence that your drainage system, for which you are legally responsible, was properly maintained and attended to before you moved in.


If you’re looking for an affordable and professional company to carry out drain surveys on your behalf, call our emergency drainage firm today. We cover both Surrey and the South London areas.


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